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Teaching Overview

I have taught courses in Strategic Management, Innovation Management, and Entrepreneurship.

with my students at Vin University in Hanoi, Vietnam (fall 2022)

NBA 2650/6650 - Strategic Management of Technology. and Innovation (Cornell University, Summer 2021)

Evaluation: 4.63/5

Technologies cause industries to evolve and firms must adapt strategically to these shifts. However, most organizations have an inherent bias against  adaption.  This course is designed to train managers to work against these inertial impulses and ensure that they understand how to spot change and evaluate various options for adaptation under uncertainty.


NBA 2650/6650 is a cross-listed, introductory management course covering the management of technology and innovation in start-ups and established firms. This course is designed for students who may someday work in, consult for, and/or create firms whose primary product is fundamentally related to technology or innovation.  We start by examining how industries are transformed by new technologies and how these patterns of industrial change generate both opportunity and high rates of firm failure. We then examine technology companies such as Netflix, Google, Adobe, Eli Lilly, etc. and explore questions such as: Why do some technology leaders fail, and how do technology innovators successfully take on and replace incumbent firms? Throughout, we also explore how to design and lead innovative organizations and teams, as well as creating effective strategies for managing intellectual property.

Student Comments

"This course was both interesting and useful. I find myself looking at things in my daily life differently based on the learnings I've come away with. I have a new set of tools and perspectives I believe will be applicable in my current career and future opportunities. Very helpful."

"Tremendously great experience overall.[...] Professor Foley did a phenomenal job at being prepared for the new topic every day and made even complex topics seem very simple. Thank you so much!"

"[I valued] the regard from the instructor towards every students' opinions. Every opinions stated are valued and embraced in this class."

MANA 3110 - Corporate Entrepreneurship (Vin University, Hanoi, Vietnam, Fall 2022)

Evaluation: 4.8/5

I had the distinct pleasure and honor of being invited as a visiting Adjunct Instructor of Management at Vin University's College of Business and Management (CBM). I was tasked with designing a new course in Corporate Entrepreneurship and delivering it at a new university (est. 2018) in Hanoi, Vietnam.

In this course, we explore what lessons large firms can learn from startups to be more innovative, adaptive, and productive. This course is designed for students who may someday work in roles in established firms that require them to apply entrepreneurial thinking in order to launch new products and business models to capture new markets and evade disruption. Students taking this course receive an understanding of how to incorporate aspects of entrepreneurship into their work in established firms to better discover and exploit valuable opportunities.

Student Comments

"I am grateful to be a student of professor Andrew. I hope that he can come back to VinUni to teach Entrepreneurship."

"I had a great experience learning this course. I had never thought case–based learning could be that effective."

"I really hope we could develop other courses that could be as interesting and informative as this one."

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